The Ethics Committee

Legislative Findings and Purpose, Section AS 24.60.010 of the Legislative Ethics Act.

"High moral and ethical standards among public servants in the legislative branch of government are essential to assure the trust, respect, and confidence of the people of this state."

"A fair and open government requires that legislators and legislative employees conduct the public’s business in a manner that preserves the integrity of the legislative process and avoids conflicts of interest or even appearances of conflicts of interest."

Ethics Committee - Find out about the Ethics Committee

Committee Rules of Procedure

Ethics Committee Meetings - Agendas and committee minutes

Ethics Act - Alaska Statute 24.60, effective May 25, 2019

Standards of Conduct Handbook - Explanation of Ethics Act with a Q & A for each section

Advisory Opinions - Who can request an Advisory Opinion and what information is needed

Advisory Opinions - Index of Advisory Opinions listed by Subject and Year

Advisory Opinions Search - Searchable database of Advisory Opinions from 1984 to present

Disclosures - Information on disclosures, reporting forms and a listing of disclosures by year

Disclosure Search - Search published disclosures.

The Advisor - The bi-monthly Ethics Newsletter

Ethics Training - Requirements for training, PowerPoint presentations, and on-line training videos.

NEW! Internships - Information and Forms

Legislative Newsletters and Other Legislative Communications – General Information, Campaign Related Information, Funds, Distribution, Voter Registration Activities

Campaign/Candidate Related Information – Legislative Candidacies, Model Office Policy for Campaign Related Inquiries

File an Ethics Complaint - Information on the complaint process

Complaint Decisions - Public decisions are issued when a complaint is investigated

Related State Laws - Other Alaska state laws which relate to standards of conduct

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