Ethics Complaint Decisions

COMPLAINT DECISIONS issued from 2010 to Present

S 18-04 Senate Secretary Liz Clark
S 17-01 Senator Donald Olson
H 17-01 Representative Dan Saddler
H 17-03 Representative David Eastman
H 17-04 Representative Geran Tarr
H 16-01 Representative Tammie Wilson
H 14-01 Representative Tammie Wilson
H 13-01 Representative Bob Herron
S 12-02 Senator Lyman Hoffman
S 12-03 Senator Lyman Hoffman
H 12-07 Representative Alan Dick
H 12-06 Representative Bob Herron
H 12-05 Representative Bob Herron
H 12-03 Karen Sawyer, House Legislative Employee
H 12-02 Karen Sawyer, House Legislative Employee
H 12-04  Representative Scott Kawasaki               
S 12-01 David Scott, Senate Legislative Employee
H 11-01 Representative Bob Lynn
S 10-01  Senator Albert Kookesh
S 10-02  Senator Albert Kookesh
H 10-01  Representative Bob Lynn
H 07-06 Representative Bruce Weyhrauch

NOTE:  Previous complaint decisions are available by contacting the Ethics Office at or by calling 907-269-0150.